Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day weekend: Top Ten Moments

I LOVE taking pictures. I don't always love trying to narrow down to my favorites; sometimes that is down right painful. That's why I use facebook: I only upload the ones I LIKE. Sometimes I can drop it down to half or even to a third of the original pictures. Then it goes through a natural selection I call the "Veto." I let those in the pictures look at them first and they have free reign to Veto any pictures that they HATE. There is not usually very many of those, but I find relations with family and friends are much improved with a Veto round :). That means what is left are the pictures that I LOVE: the cream of the crop, topnotch, tip-top, all-time, first-rate, incomparable, and the best of the best pictures for your viewing pleasure!

So, without further ado, I bring my Top Ten Moments of Labor Day weekend:

My cousin’s, Todd’s, in-laws. They’re sweet and funny and neat to talk to. I figure if I could call Todd’s other grandparents Grandma and Grandpa Hamblin, then I’m safe to call these awesome people Grandma and Grandpa Rice. Besides, it makes it much less confusing when surrounded by their grandchildren :).

Have you ever met a hard-of-hearing-older person? Ever try to have a conversation with them? Have you tried talking to them in a house full of twenty other people. I promise it gets even better when they find each other!

Tricia always has been a guy magnet. Now if only she could attract a.... older and legal... crowd ;)

Walking along the boardwalk at Lake Tahoe, sometimes you just have to stop and say, "Beautiful! Gorgeous! Wish you were here!"

I love it when a picture turns out just how you imagined it in your head: a pretty flower with a forest and mountain backdrop. I look at this picture and remember a day that turned out as great as I was hoping it to be.

There are just some pictures that strike you as funny. This entry has two pictures because it’s just not as funny without the other. I’d seen Chris and Tricia take a picture of their summer toes, so I thought I would copy it... Cindy-style.

Family means certain things to certain people. In whatever branch of my family you want to talk about, family means games... and lots of them! (Pictured here: Hand and Foot, PS2, Rock Band, and cards!)

The Burley Browns drove the eight hours to Dayton in separate cars, but we decided to cozy up for the one hour drive to Lake Tahoe. Dad took this self-portrait with his looonnnggg arms :). Thanks Dad!

Sometimes I forget that there are things that other people can do and it’s not crazy or stupid or can bring you bodily harm. This one I think is still crazy. Now when his mother asks if his friends would jump of a cliff would he do it too, then he can say, YES!!

For Labor Day we went to visit my cousins. Devree is home from St. Judes and is CANCER FREE and Dane got baptized this weekend. We had a lot to celebrate and, boy!, did we have a party!!! Here is Devree with a few of her cousins.