Monday, June 29, 2009

Scrapbooking and other stuff weekend

Lisa and Erica came to Burley to scrapbook this weekend. I was really pretty excited but I also figured it we wouldn't be doing that much scrapping since they had to bring their families... all boys. Erica brought Trevor and their two boys and Lisa brought her husband and their one boy. There's not a lot of scrapbooking with boys around, for some reason :). Instead we scrapbooked a little and made some cards at Chris's house while the kids watched Max and Ruby, Trevor went fishing, Shane played three rounds of golf, the kids jumped on the trampoline for hours, Tricia cut and colored Lisa's and Erica's hair (and a bunch of other people), we went swimming, the aunts and the kids danced to big band music, Dad made fresh strawberry (from the garden) shakes, I played on facebook with Tricia and Lisa while they were sitting next to me :), and Grandma and Josh and I roasted marshmallows at Chris's house.

It was a weekend full of plans that we didn't do and activities that we hadn't planned. Weird, but it was a blast :).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Today for Father's Day, Mom cooked T-bone steak with mashed potatoes and banana cream pie for dessert. He really hauled it in with his presents.
I gave Dad cash, so he tucked it into his shirt pocket "because I'll only lose it if I put it in my wallet." :)He was especially excited for the presents that he picked out from "Mom"... tools!

One of his presents (from Chris) was a CD of big band swing music from the 40s that we listened to and he told us what song was playing. Looks like he liked it!

Of course, with such great music, Mom took turns dancing with her children. Yeah, all girls, but guess who taught us the lindy in the first place?!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

C is for...

Last week was Relay for Life, so on the bridge in Burley they tied little purple streamers along each side. It got me thinking about the big C word and what Cancer means. I don't think people can say, "Cancer has never touched my life." A few months ago, my cousin, Linda, did a post on cancer where she talked about her niece. Linda has a real way with words in expressing the deepest truest emotions. She said,
[Devree] is a strong spirit and a fighter. She will win, physically or not, she will win because cancer won't take her attitude, her faith, her hope, her family (whom she is sealed to for eternity). And if it can't take your spirit, then what's to fear? How can it ever really win? If it can't change who you are, then it doesn't change anything. Circumstances change, life around us changes, appearances change, but who we are doesn't change. She will always be a noble daughter of God. She had a purpose before she came to earth, she has a purpose here and now, and she will have a purpose when she returns to Him. Perhaps the mission changes, perhaps we change as we grow stronger in character, but who we are cannot be "beaten" by such an earthly, fleating thing as cancer.
Then we got our shirts. It was a little fundraiser sponsored by her school back home. And as I put on my shirt and lined up the family for the picture, I thought of the solidarity. I think Linda is right.

I also think that Devree has shown us that really C is for Courage!

Flag Day weekend

Trevor and his family decided to come up for the weekend and it's suprising what we were able to fit in even with all the rain. I took Ian and Alex to Burgers Etc for a fresh strawberry shakes. Really, is there a more delicious combination that strawberries and ice-cream?! The boys didn't seem to think so! Tricia and I also played with them in the backyard playing croquet and jumping on the trampoline. Well, I didn't jump, but I got some great pictures. Then just before dark the weather finally cleared up long enough for us to go to Chris's house to roast marshmellows and make "snores," or at least that's what Ian called them. How cute is that?!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Wish you were here!