Saturday, February 19, 2011

President's Day

We got up early and went to the new temple in Draper. All temples are beautiful, but they still like to make them unique. I've never seen so much gold leaf before and the celestial room has a ceiling that must be three stories high with a breathtaking chandelier. We did get one picture on the way in, but we were late so we didn't try to get a group shot. Then on the way out it was raining and about 35 degrees so we didn't stop for pictures then either :). The art show was great. I found the paintings to be so impressive. They are quite large and somehow seeing art in person always makes a difference. I bought the little educational packet. They look like postcards and on the back is a little of history and then writing assignments. I think I'll pass on the writing, but the history is interesting. Speaking of good writing, the descriptions next to each painting were very insightful. Later we did some shopping and dinner. We found some GREAT deals at Eddie Bauer (like $10 for shirts and $15 for sweaters!), cheesecake and then Macaronni Grill. It was a full and a fun day but the drive back to Trevor's was awful. It was snowing so bad and you couldn't really see the road or, more importantly, the lines. Sunday was a laid back day with Lego Rock Band, World of Warcraft, and Angry Birds. Have you ever played Angry Birds? It's a game on Chris's IPad and slightly addictive. The boys loved it except that Alex called it "Mad Birds." :)