Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween... the family all-day party

This weekend we had Ian and Alex come visit. We decided it would be great to hang out, watch some movies, play the video games, and do some tradional Halloween games. So we roasted hot dogs in the fire pit, played some Wii, decorated cupcakes (for a cake walk, of course!), carved pumpkins, dressed up, pinned the wart on the witch, ate donuts off a string, played bingo, had a cupcake walk, and went Trick or Treating!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween... the 5th Ward Halloween Dinner and Carnival

This year the Activities Committee voted to do a Carnival instead of a Harvest dinner.  Man!, I wish all my friends and family could have been there for the ward party.  It was really, really a great activity if I do say so myself :).  I think we had about 100 people come, and we had lots of things to do: booths (tic tac toe toss, bingo, cake walk, pin the wart on the witch, and a halloween photo booth), games (guess how many candies in a jar, coloring contest, and a costume contest), plus food (chili and corn dogs), and lots of great visiting, prizes, joking, family, mingling, and friends. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

I Am...

I am a Published Photographer!  Recently I got a phone call from PMT which is a local telephone/ internet provider around here to let me know that I won... kind of :).  Several months ago I submitted several photos to PMT's photo contest for next year's telephone book cover, which I didn't win.  But, they called to say they had selected one of my pictures for their calendar and will pay me fifty bucks! Yahoo!