Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Don’t you just love acronyms? I’ve been watching the last few days the different ones I’ve run across. There’s the somber SS and H&W, the F/U which in my world means Follow Up, the peppy PD for Public Defender, the much looked forward to EMA for Earnest Money Agreement, the quiet and simple RS of Relief Society and, of course, the PT for

Pretty Tender,
Pernicious Torture,
Painful Thorn-in-my-side
Pitiful Torment that is
Physical Therapy.

I always knew that there were all kinds of choices in life. No one had ever told me about the tortures that lie beyond Door Number Four. :) Let me introduce you to my nemesis. He's pale and little and even a little limp. The exercise is to stand on the foam rocking very slightly forward and then back to center maintaining my balance (what balance?!) for five minutes.

This sneaky fellow looks harmless enough. Until you try to stand on him. Then he bucks you off like a bull hopped up on, well, Red Bull. I promise! He’s as docile as can be until I try to stand on him for full time required by my therapist. On the bright side, the therapist has to stand next to me with one arm in front and one arm behind in case this bucking bronco decides to play a fast one. I tried to talk the therapist into letting me off early so he can rest his arms. I was just trying to be thoughtful and he just laughed at me. Oh well, holding your arms out for five minutes can be pretty tiring. We’ll just see who gets the last laugh.

Getting my boot of means therapy which has been good FOR me, but not all that great of an experience. On the other hand, the best part of getting my boot off is I can start wearing TWO shoes again. Before, I had all my shoes lined up; it was very easy to pick what shoe to wear that day.

It was so limiting only wearing one shoe at time because the boot was so much taller and if I didn't wear thick shoes I had one leg longer than the other. I like my cute little ballet flats and I wore them a lot, so that’s probably why I just about fell over the first time I tried to walk without the boot for the first time; I over compensated with one leg and ran right into the x-ray machine at the doctor’s office. I think I just about gave the x-ray tech a heart attach, but I didn’t bother tell her that I’m used to falling over. For the last few years when I get tired, I tend to list to one side and often run into walls and doorways. My little narrow hallway at home is a death trap. :)

I was so excited to wear TWO shoes at the same time, I don’t even feel sad that I only have three pairs of shoes that fit my giant swollen right foot.



Well maybe a little. But, as my foot heals I’ll eventually move from "back to normal" to "better than ever," which actually makes today's subject stand for Particularly Thrilling.


  1. Only you could make a post about painful physical obstacles so entertaining! I'm so happy you are all put together again. You are an amazing example for the rest of us of smiling through opposition.

    Oh, and we must be on the same wave length this week becuase, just this morning, I started working on a post that involves pictures of my feet!