Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's autumn time

This last weekend we got to go to the temple with Tricia, so all the family came up. On Saturday we had a lazy morning followed by a trip to the pumpkin patch near Paul. I love visiting the pumpkin patch for the pumpkins of course, but there are also so many great photo ops! Afterward, we stopped for lunch at Stevo's. We were chatting and eating and laughing at the little boys and having a general good time that the afternoon just really sped by.

Chris and I had to really hustle to get home and get changed to be to the temple for the 3:30 session. We made good time though and I took a few minutes for some pictures of the Twin Falls temple. It really is a beautiful temple and it was wonderful to walk around the grounds and feel the specialness of the day. After the session, everyone else joined us for a few pictures and then for dinner at Maxi's. All in all, a marvelous day!

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  1. The pic with the pumpkin and the field is VERY good.