Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Pre-Party

Thanksgiving this year was extra special because we had ALL of my family here at home for Thanksgiving.  I know it took sacrifice for everyone to get off work and to drive to Burley and I know it is hard for some of us to be in loud, noisy groups so that makes this a extraordinary weekend because of all the sacrifices that were made. I'm so thankful for my family and the loving relationships that we share.

Wednesday, I suppose you might call the Pre-Party.  We had Lisa and Shane and Josh drive up early in the day. They couldn't stay all weekend, so they made sure to come early.  I stopped by Mom's house during my lunch hour to pick up the dish I needed for my food assignment (Spinach Salad... Yum!).  When I asked them what they were doing for lunch, I got shrugs all around. I suggested that Dairy Queen has a special on a Double Cheeseburger meal and Shane jumped up and said, let's go get some.  Apparently, he is a fan of Dairy Queen.  Who knew?! :) Trevor's family joined us later that night and we brought the boys over to play on Chris's Wii.  Josh was kind enough to supply us with four more controllers and a half a dozen games. Thanks Josh!! I love this picture of everyone playing the racing game.  I can still hear Alex's laugh as he falls off a cliff and Chris tells him, "Looks like you're going for a swim!"

Later, we trekked back over to Mom and Dad's house for birthday cake. We have three November birthdays: Shane, Dad and Mom.  Happy birthday guys!

Brad and I both had to work a full day today, so he came in late and I had gone home to bed, but it is still nice knowing we're all together again!

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  1. it looked like you had a lot of fun before we got there, I wish we could of come earlier, but life goes on.