Monday, January 4, 2010

Raise a cup of good cheer!

Chris and I had a mini va-ca for New Years: movies, hotel (and ALL their amenities!), dinner out, and even a Spa day!

First, we each tried out a stone therapy massage at Fran Brown's.  Opps, I mean Marinello's. They changed their name and I keep calling it Fran Brown since that's where Tricia went to school.  The massage was fanFREAKINGtastic!  I also got the Euro facial and felt thoroughly indulged.  It was a great way to get the weekend started!  Later that day, we shopped, shopped, shopped.  You gotta love the 60% off everything nearly everywhere we went as stores were clearing out their winter line to make room for their spring arrivals.  I've never been so happy that winter lasts another four months in Idaho since I got a couple of cute, cute sweaters for eight dollars :).  We stopped for a break and for dinner at Red Robin. Tasty!

Then, we checked into our hotel.  New Years Eve was all about movies since we got to watch How to Marry a Millionaire and Penelope on Chris's laptop. Have I mentioned how much I love Netflix?  It was great even if it was a struggle to keep my eyes open.  We switched to watch Dick Clark's Rocking New Years Eve and popped the cork on our Welch's sparkling cider at 12 midnight.  Then, I think we were lights out by 12:02!

New Years day was a sleep in day.  I haven't had a sleep in day really all vacation because we were up early for Christmas morning and up early for Church and up early for work, so while Chris went out for some more shopping I slept in... until past noon.  [Insert contented sigh]. Now that's vacation!  Later, we went to the theater for a matinee showing off Sherlock Holmes and stopped for dinner at Boston's.  I had the ribs.  Yummy!

Saturday we needed to head back to Burley, but we managed to squeeze one more trip to the theater and watched Disney's the Princess and the Frog. It was a wonderfully relaxing vacation. And as we start this new year, I will raise a glass to you and wish you all a Happy New Year!


  1. This sounds fun, but I don't think you mention in the post what city you were in! Please share!

  2. So cool! You are so lucky to have such great sisters. They are so lucky to have you. We love you.

  3. Nice work sending '09 out in style and bringing in '10 with some fun adventures. You and Chris are my heros. Really.

  4. Look at you . . . so clever with all your cups . . . what a fun and creative theme for a new year post. Now I'm jealous for your creative ideas AND awesome sister weekend. hmph :-/ Love you, though (in spite of the green-eyed monster) lol