Friday, April 30, 2010

Chicago- day 1

Chris's conference was at the Marriot in Shaumberg which was a great hotel and and a nice location for her conference. We were about a 10 minute shuttle to the train station and a 50 minute train ride into the city. Our first day we walked around quite a bit and took a hop on tour around the city. It was cold and windy, but we rode up on the top of the bus and got some fantastic pictures of the buildings... well, at least we got about the first 40 floors because of the fog :). I really loved the buildings and architecture of Chicago. The buildings were all so unique. While some of the where obviously new, many of them looked like they had built right on top of previous buildings but they were careful to match the style and colors of the original historic building. Later, we got off at Navy Pier and walked around. Navy Pier has shops and a ferris wheel and restaurants. It smelled so good! I really enjoyed looking at the kiosks that I didn't buy anything at and smelling the food that I didn't eat and looking out over the lake covered in fog that I couldn't really see. I think the fog gave the city of feeling of mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed. Later we ate deep dish pizza at Gino's East. Chris says that Chicago style deep dish pizza isn't just a meal - it's an experience!! We got a small and could barely finish it :). My mouth waters just thinking about it now! Yumm!

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  1. Those fog pictures are so cool! I let Brent order the Medium...too much pizza for sure!