Friday, July 9, 2010

Ward Summer Party

So my latest news is that I got a new church calling. They released me as a Family History Consultant, which I'm very sad about. I enjoyed teaching the Family History class and helping others with their research. My new church calling is the Activities Chairman.

They set me apart on June 27th, and then we had a ward party less than two weeks later on July 8th! In case you’re counting, that's only eleven days! They already had the location picked out at Harris Pond, so that took care of activities and games. The previous lady suggested sandwiches, so I decided to order several six-foot long sandwiches to keep it simple. By the way, I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I went to pick up my six six-foot long sandwiches and they walked out with six one-foot long sandwiches. We worked it out and they put together enough sandwiches to feed 150 people, so it turned out perfect.

As for trying to plan the activity, advertising was our biggest challenge. It was in the ward bulletin... but on a holiday weekend. The Activities Committee was super helpful, and we split up the ward list and called EVERYONE. The ward clerk did a head count for me, and he estimates that in total we got about 150 people out to our party :). Yahoo!

I was hoping it would be a party to fellowship and make new friends and have some fun. And, boy!, did we have some fun :). We had dinner, swimming, canoeing, visiting, paddle boats, a giant swing over the water, a water slide, a zip line, slides and baby swimming pools for toddlers, and all sorts of great stuff. All in all, my new church calling means that I get to work with some super people and have some fun doing it!


  1. Nicely done, Madam Chairwoman! That sandwich thing would have given me a stroke, but you are such a party planning pro I'm sure you smoothed things over nicely. I'm a little sad that I'm not in your ward...I know they have some great activities in their future!

  2. Well Done!! This photo can go on next year's announcement. :) It's a really great picture. Sounds like you know your stuff and you will be great at planning activities. Congrats on such a great turn out...a success in every way.

  3. What a fun new calling! You will be great for this new calling. That picture IS great! Congratulations on the great turn out.

  4. Holy Cow...I am not sure what I would have done when they came out with your sandwich...I am sure I would had a major panic attack.