Thursday, September 30, 2010

Road Show

This year’s theme is “Up, Up, and Away--Super Scripture Heroes.” The stake assigned us a scripture hero that we drew from a basket and then to write a script as them as a super hero. Our ward drew Helaman from the Book of Mormon. Helaman was a prophet and a war hero. He's most famous for being the leader for 2,000 stripling (or young) warriors. In all their battles not one of the stripling warriors was ever killed. Pretty cool stuff! Anyway, we've decided to do a scripture hero but make him modern day because we wanted to be able to be silly and still respectful. It’s a delicate balance :). It's going to be part of the skit that our hero was named after Helaman from the Book of Mormon and then he's going to run into three challenges and help people overcome them. We wanted to have a moral but we also wanted it to be funny. Sister Taylor has written a great script and has some darling songs. My favorite song is the closing song to the tune of “It’s a Small World.”

When we’re faced with choices from day to day,
When so many voices call us away.
We can stand and be bold
Like our hero of old.
We can be like Helaman.

We can fight like Helaman,
Stand for right like Helaman,
Shine our light like Helaman,
And be heroes too!

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