Thursday, October 16, 2008

If a picture is worth a thousand words

Now that I'm getting a better handle on blogging I thought I'd update my web page. I love the calm colors of this page and I'm really excited that the journaling is on something other than white. yuck. How boring is that?! :)

I've been trying to look around for some pictures that I can put in my header and I've got it narrowed down to 5. In honor of this year's Presidental Election, I thought I'd let you vote on something that really counts. :) So I'm opening up the voting on which picture to use.

Option Number 1:
Something Scenic
(In this case, a pic I took of the City of Rocks)

Option Number 2:
Something Exotic
(FYI, this is Hawaii)

Option Number 3:
Something Self-Absorbed
(This portrait was taken by my two year "nephew")

Option Number 4:
Something Seasonal
(Black and White is suppose to be classy, right?)

Option Number 5:
Something Silly
(I call this one the perfect hostess!)

Now it's your turn! It's your chance for your voice to be heard! Pick up the phone and call now to pledge you money for your continued support. Opps, wrong dialogue. What I meant to say is please feel free to leave a comment with your vote. :)


  1. I vote for option 3. We all deserve a little self-absorbsion every now and then, right?

  2. I like the black and white. I love black and white pictures!

  3. I like that Hawaii picture for some reason. Carefree perhaps. So where do I find the cool "scrapbooky" type backgrounds?

  4. I like the black and white one becuase it has the most important people in it! With a black and white header you can get very creative with any back ground colors you want to change to. =)

  5. there are scrapbooky type backgrounds? Ivy has a cool background. I'll ask her!

  6. We'll have to play on Lisa's computer the next time you come down to find you some scrapbooky type backgrounds. =)