Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When It Snows, It Pours

Lately I have been thinking about the changing of the seasons. There are such wonderful things about each of them. I love Christmas! It’s positively the best part of winter. The family gets together for our Family Christmas Party. There’s tons of food, silly skits, and hilarity. You like our shirts?

They are to ward off the ABCs (AKA the Aggravate Brown Clubs). The ABCs like to lie in wait in unseemly locations for road construction, extending hold times on phone calls, and placing objects in the dark when they weren’t there before.

Remember Spring? In January, winter feels long. In February, winter feels like an eternity. In March, winter feels like it’s going to last for age. And in April, winter is just being stubborn. Then spring comes. It reminds me of a poem I studied once by Robert Frost.

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower
I love spring with it’s daffodils and warm weather. It even smells good. :) For the first time in months and months you can play outside in short sleeves. Like the time my nephew, Alex, invited us outside for a thrilling game of red light, green light. Do you like their faces?! We’re all pretty happy to having fun in the sun again.

Speaking of fun in the sun... aahhh. Summer. No more homework; no more books; no more [student’s] dirty looks. My brother and sister joke that one of their biggest weekend getaways for the summer is to Burley. And why not?! We’ve got water games in the backyard, water games in the front room, and best of all, water games at the Burley Swimming Pool compliments of Tricia.

He told us he didn't think we could hit him on the trampoline. He asked for it! I promise!

Playing What's My Color. Ian got his mom every time... it didn't really matter what color she picked. :)
During fall, I try to ignore the impending doom of short, cold, and slippery days. Instead, I think of the leaves changing colors,

the crunchy sprinkler mornings,

and the pretty fall decorations :).
Anyway, it was an attempt to enjoy the journey of Autumn. And then it snowed. Two feet. Helluu?, it's October! Here's a great picture of my house Saturday afternoon.

We usually get a first snow before Halloween, but it's usually only a skiff and it blows away within a couple of hours of landing. This snow storm last two days and snowed big fluffy flakes that came down straight (as opposed to the horizontal rain/ snow we get because of the wind). My home teacher shoveled our driveway (so nice!), and then I cleaned it up twice after that. Then I had to dig out my car.

Stupid snow. The nights have been cold, but the snow is still melting during the day. Maybe soon we'll be back to Fall again! I got a great picture yesterday afternoon of the falling autumn leaves landing on a snow bank. :)

I don't care who you are; that's funny!


  1. Yuck! Hate those snow pictures!

  2. Is this the same snow you sent a photo of to Lisa's phone? I was with here when she got the photo and I was surprised to see how much you guys had! And then we woke up to almost half that month. I agree...helloooooo? It's OCTOBER!