Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Friday was Black Friday. Also known as Dad's 70th birthday. Mom found a black table cloth, black plates, and black silverware and then we all dressed in black. Well, Chris and I did because after all that work, Mom was too tired to change her clothes :). We ordered Chinese and Dad got a German Chocolate cake (his favorite) and then he opened his present of six Carol Burnett DVDs. Oh yea, he was excited. :)
Dad's been telling us for months that when he turns 70, then he'll be an old man. I shared that little anecdote with his older sister and she didn't find it particularly amusing. Opps.
But, she shared with me that she was flipping through a textbook in her son's office and in it they said that a person doesn't start aging until their 80. I'm pretty sure it didn't say exactly that because I'm pretty sure I'm aging right now. Apparently, you body changes at 80 and starts to fall apart. Once again, that's paraphrasing Aunt Nila because once again I'm pretty sure I fall into that category too!

So on that sunshine-y note here's to ten more years Dad...

... and then you'll finally catch up to me!


  1. Happy Birthday Brother Brown!

    I don't think you are as age-ed as you think you are. You may have some trouble getting around but you still get more done in a day than a lot of other people I know!

  2. We love you and miss you Grandpa Brownie!! From your Voelkel girls!!!! (Thanks for sharing, Cindy.) :)

  3. I think I'm liking that cake. Oh, now I'm hungry.