Sunday, May 24, 2009


Sunday Liang and I went to Sacrament meeting. It was nice to sit through Sacrament meeting Other than playing a little elbow war just once, we listened to the speakers most attentively. One of the missionaries spoke and talked about how one of his friends would come and pick him up for church when he was a teenager. It made me a little teary eyed because it reminded me of picking Liang up for church and FHE and Gilmore Girl night and Institute and Institute activities. He said that it was a real blessing to him and I leaned over to Liang and told her that it was a blessing for the missionary’s friend too. It was a sweet experience.

After church, we got ready for Liang’s baby shower. Alvaro was in charge of food (shocker!) so we packed up the duck sugar cookies, fresh fruit (cherries, strawberries watermelon and peaches) with fruit dip, key lime cheesecake, chicken enchiladas, 12 2-liter bottles of soda, and frozen egg rolls and crab cakes. Whew! Ari, Liang’s sister was in charge of decorations and games so we packed up the feeding the baby game, the chocolate candy diaper game, the secret word pin game, and the dirty diaper (hot potato) game as well as streamers, balloons, plates, cups, flatware, and napkins. Double whew! The baby shower was at Alvaro’s house, so we headed over to cook and set up and mingle with friends and play games with family and then clean up and pack up. Liang got some really great clothes for the baby and tons of diapers. She was one very tired, but pleased pregnant woman. Once we got back to their place I took a much needed rest and read for a while.

Did I mention they think cooking is fun? Check out this delish! dinner that Alvaro cooked. Rosemary potatoes and asparagus with garlic butter and prime steak with mushrooms and onions. We’ve been joking all weekend how much Alvaro and I love steak sauce. Today he pulled out the GIANT bottle of steak sauce that he found in Costco :). So tasty!
Stay tuned for more on my California Dreamin’ weekend!

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