Friday, June 24, 2011

Loriel's Whirlwind Visit

Whew! What a whirlwind Loriel's visit was! Loriel got here late Tuesday night and then left early Saturday morning. She did lots of projects with Grandma like covering notebooks with scrapbooking paper and sewing some aprons. I had to work during the day, but we got together every night for something. Wednesday night we had a movie night at my house and watched 17 Again with Matthew Perry and Zac Effron. I think I might have a little cougar crush on him. Zac, not Matthew :).

Thursday night Grandma, Chris, Loriel and I went to Twin Falls for some shopping and dinner. Then on the way back we went to visit Shoshone Falls. Since they're worried about flooding, they've been letting off HUGE amounts of water. It was pretty windy so the mist coming off the Falls kept making rainbows in the sky!

Friday, Loriel and I tried a scrapbooking project and walked around downtown to take some artsy pictures of things like the brick on the buildings, the manhole covers, alley way signs, and Loriel got some really cool pics of all the different styles of old fashioned doors and I had fun taking pictures of all the different kinds of brick and the signs.  Then we stopped for an Italian soda. This one has club soda, peach, raspberry, a dollop of cream, and sprinkles!

On the way back home, I told her she could drive some since she just got her learner's permit. For her first time off a parking lot and on a road, I think she was starting to get the hang of it by our fourth loop around the neighborhood. Of course, I also think both of our nerves were shot by that point, so we were just calling it good :). BTW, she just blinked and is NOT driving with her eyes closed!

Later, Loriel came with Chris, Tricia, and I over to our friends’ house to play Beatles Rock Band and Disney sing along (they have three little girls!). It was a busy three days and we piled a lot into it and made a lot of memories.

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  1. Be sure to tell Loriel, that I think she is becoming quite a hot tamale!