Monday, June 27, 2011

Loriel, remember when...

I can't help thinking back to when Loriel was little, and she and Daniel used to come visit each summer. They were so little, so we would help them keep a diary to help them remember the trip. They couldn't write yet, so they would draw and color what they did that day: jump on the trampoline, go swimming, play games, plant grandpa's corn, etc. I loved the way Loriel would say, "diary."  She would put the accent on the last syllable and made me laugh every time.

I love how she can make me laugh! On this visit she was telling us about the "other" dojo and how they only teach showy stuff and not skills, so their sparring is really terrible. I had to laugh out loud when she said she was watching them at the last competition and felt like Grandpa watching football and wanted yell at them to keep their arms up and move their feet. I just had this clear image of her in Grandpa's recliner yelling at the players.

I love her for having such a bright attitude.  She is up for any adventure and enjoys every moment.

I admire Loriel because she values family relationships. I am so grateful she helps me feel connected to her life through emails, pictures, and Facebook.  I am so glad she came for a visit!
BTW, I've tried and tried to get this picture to flip. But, it's still a cute one!

Meet Loriel:

My current occupation is: A karate Aide and soon I will be a daycare worker/teacher.
My dream job is: To own a bakery and complete custom cake orders.
If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be: Exactly where I am-- all the magic I need is right here.
The best birthday gift I could receive would be: Just people that love and care about me.
If I had a million dollars, the first thing I'd buy would be: A new house for my parents.
When I was a teenager, I thought that at my age I'd be: I always thought that when I turned sixteen someone would wave a magic wand and all of sudden I'd be beautiful, fun to be around and have a bunch of wonderful friends. No wand was waved--maybe the magic was believing in myself.
The goals I'm currently working on are: I want to get back into the same activity level as I was before surgery. I want to finish Electronic Highschool. I want to enlarge my circle of friends.
When I'm 80, I hope I am doing this: Impacting other's lives.
The person I'd like to be more like is: My dad is just so calm and content with life.
The last person I sent a card to is: My dad for father's day.
I ate this for lunch today: A leftover hamburger.
Something I just learned how to do is: Knit.
My favorite song right now is: The Story of Us by Taylor Swift
The last book I read is: Siddartha- darn you summer homework!
This is what I'm wearing right now: My karate gi--I'm about to leave for karate.
The last phone call I made was to: My best friend.
Inside, I don't feel very different from when I was: 12
The last restaurant I ate at as: Applebees
My favorite TV show is: I don't have one.
Two everyday things I couldn't live without are: My phone and an icepack to ice my knee.
Something I really worry about is: I worry about growing up. I want to do everything right. I want to make my parents proud but currently that goal seems out of reach.
My favorite place to shop is: Hobby Lobby- So much crafty things are there as well as cake decorating things.
Four jobs I've had in my life are: Weeding and babysitting.
Four movies I could watch over and over are: She's the Man, Penelope, While you were Sleeping and Enchanted.

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