Sunday, August 21, 2011

Five Day Summer Vacation- Days 3, 4, and 5

Saturday morning I got up early (9:00 am) and drove to American Fork to meet Brad's family for breakfast at IHOP. I got the Stuffed French Toast with blueberry topping but had a bite of Loriel's Nutella crepes and Dorothy's stuffed French toast with cinnamon apples. I know Saturday mornings are difficult for Brad, so I was thrilled when he was able to join us. Afterward, we went back to their house. We got to talk about Daniel's impending first semester at college and Dorothy moving to her new classroom for her music class. Plus, Loriel showed me her bedroom and her new comforter and pillows and rug. I even managed to do a little furniture rearranging. And for anyone that knows me, that is my idea of a good time ;).
Later, on my drive to Payson, Mom and Dad passed me on the freeway. I had to laugh because they hovered right next to me for a long time, and I was thinking, "Why doesn't this guy pass me already!" I didn't realize it was them until they did pass me and Mom unrolled her window to wave! They were on their way to Aunt Mary's house for a visit too. We got to visit for about a half hour before Alisha and I left to go swimming at the Payson Pool. We picked up Wendy on the way and met Tamara and Scott there. I loved going to the Payson Pool when I was little when I'd visit for two weeks during the summer. The Payson Pool has been seriously upgraded, and they now have two water slides, a lazy river, a kid’s water park area, and a lap pool. Plus they have picnic areas with shade and tables. Not that we got one of those, but we found a sliver of shade, dropped our stuff, and made for the water. I told Wendy that my goal for the day was to get a sun burn. It may be August, but I am going to have some summer fun! After a couple of rounds on the lazy river and a speedy run down the waterslide, I sat back with the cousins and some snacks and laughed and laughed. I love my cousins! Who could ask for better friends?!

After I was sufficiently toasty (mission accomplished!), I gave everyone hugs and headed off for my last stop of the day at Trevor and Erica's. I told them before I came down that I thought it might be fun to go to the drive-in or rent a movie on Saturday or maybe BBQ on Sunday. I'd been working hard this summer and saying goodbye to people, and I was SO ready to have some R&R and some FUN! Especially since I would be back to working hard next week. Blah. Stupid school. Stupid math. Tricia was also down visiting Trevor this weekend, so Erica, Tricia, and I watched Soul Surfer on Netflix. I found it to be a really moving story about a young girl with a lot of great insights. I think I'll check to see if it was a book first.
Sunday was a lazy day with another movie called Arthur, which was MUCH better than I thought it was going to be, a nap, and burgers. Have you noticed how much I've talked about food this weekend? I guess I got to try so many new things that I thought I should share that part of the adventure too :). That afternoon, I went to Lisa's house for my last night of my five-day "weekend." I started with Lisa on Thursday and ended with her on Sunday. She made us hot dogs and French fries. I got a giant bowl of French fries with some ketchup and a giant glass of lemonade and went down stairs and watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. One of the fun things about watching a movie with Shane is that he really notices quirky things about a movie. He remembers the actors’ names and every movie they've been in. This time he was pointed out how the actress that plays Marion Ravenwood looks like she's going to break a hip running up the stairs. he he he. That was a good one :).
Monday I woke up and drove to Boise. It's a fairly long drive and takes about five hours without stops which is much longer than the two and a half hours I'm used to, so that gave me plenty of time to think about the weekend and about all my friends and family. I am so blessed with people that love and care for me! They are interested in what I'm doing and share my joys and disappointments with me. Thanks so much to everyone that made time to see me on my whirlwind trip. Love you!


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