Sunday, August 21, 2011

Five Day Summer Vacation- Day 1

I had a GREAT weekend and loved seeing everyone. From Wednesday- to Saturday, I saw my entire family! Plus, I squeezed in lunch with my Ricks' roommates, a visit with Aunt Nila and Uncle Ted, a sleep over at Katie Haymore's branny new house, and swimming with Scott's, Alisha's, Tamara's, and Wendy's families. I think I averaged about three families a day. So here's a breakdown...
Thursday: Mike, Amber and Ellie Larsen stopped by the office in the afternoon to drop off a going away present. It's a picture of each of their kids each holding up a sign so that together they read, "We love you, Cindy.” And, I gave them my 'With Love, The Browns' picture book with pictures of our adventures this summer and some random pictures of us so they don't forget Mom or Dad or Tricia or me. I think it turned out real cute, and they were nice to go through and look at all the pictures. Earlier, we had a little last-day-party that Doug brought a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, so Larsens stayed and had cake. We visited for a little while (Mike wondered if now I would root for BYU or BSU which I'm still debating) and the girls colored some pictures for me. After they left, I finished up some loose ends and jumped in the car for my crazy weekend in Utah.

Dinner was with Lisa at Chili's. We split the most delicious salad called Quesadilla Explosion Salad (Grilled chicken with cheese, tomatoes, corn relish, cilantro, tortillas strips and citrus-balsamic dressing and served with cheese quesadillas.) I told Lisa about working for Doug in Boise, and she was way helpful telling me all the things I should keep track of that I can itemize for a tax write off. She had lots of great suggestions that I had considered before like internet and a desk and unbilled time and the percentage of my time on the phone for work. It was super helpful.
That night I drove to Michelle's house. For my thanks-for-letting-me-crash-at-your-house-gift, I brought some huckleberry taffy that I got at Gossner's. Brent told me that it tasted like grape taffy, and since he likes grape taffy, I figured it was a hit. Before I went to bed, Michelle and I watched the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. She has a dance background and a definite opinion on who she thinks is good and who isn't. It was awesome praising and bashing the different dancers as well as comparing our favorite choreographers and dances of the season. It was like old times. Except she has her own house. And a husband. And a kid. :)


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