Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year's Resolution #2: Live Healthier

Every year I resolve to eat healthier, live cleaner, and move more (basically I try to avoid the word "exercise" at all costs!). This year when I was shopping for Christmas presents I stumbled across Prevention's Total-Body Shape Up, and it caught my eye. It highlights four main areas: Change Your Habits, The Best Way to Get Fit, Eat Smarter (and Enjoy Food More), and Keep It Going.  The more I read the more I felt like I could actually do this stuff, which is saying something with my 4 joint replacements and chronic arthritis issues!

They also set a focus for each month.  "January is Set A Date."  They recommend putting a deadline on your calendar to get and stay motivated; setting a 4 week, 3 month, and 6 month goal; making your goals appropriate with your current fitness level; and recovering well by remember to fuel your body before and after exercise, to hydrate well, and to maintain a solid sleep schedule. I'm going to record my goals here, so I have some accountability and can report on my progress :).

4 week goal: Awareness. 
I'd like to educate myself about healthy food choices and about movement that will help, not hurt, my body. For now, I prefer to live in ignorance about how many calories is in that candy bar, but I want to meet the recommended daily fruits & vegetables, milk, and water servings.  There are so many restrictions with joint replacements, but the first month is all about setting up a program that improves strength, balance, and endurance. 

3 month goal: Complete Prevention's Walking Program. 
They suggest walking 5 times a week gradually increasing the duration and intensity. I'm going to ignore the mph they suggest because, let's face it, there is NO way I can walk 3-4 mph, but I CAN work my heart and meet my personal heart rate range.

6 month goal: Participate in a 5K. 
I checked with the rheumatologist and the ankle surgeon and the hip surgeon and both okayed a 5K. I see my friends and family get involved in running and triathlons, and it enriches their lives. I'm excited to try it!  I've registered for the Fit For Life Half Marathon (5K walking heat) for July 12th!


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