Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year Resolutions #1: Spiritually Centered

Sunday School Thought Questions

I got a new church calling!  I'm a Gospel Doctrine teacher, and they asked me to teach next week.  I laughed.  I couldn't help it.  When I told Mom about my new calling, she told me that Dad was going to be jealous and I thought he would start giving me books.  Turns out we were both right :).  That's okay, I appreciate all the resources I can get, which brings me to one of my New Year's resolutions.  When I was in Primary I felt so out of the loop that I thought it would be fun to post a question on Facebook from the Class Member Study Guide and have my own personal Gospel Doctrine discussion with my friends and family.  Now that it looks like I'm going to be teaching, then I really would like to get some feedback!  So here is the question for the week...

Lesson 2: “Thou Wast Chosen Before Thou Wast Born”

In Abraham 3:11–12, 22–23 and Doctrine and Covenants 138:53–57, Abraham talks with the Lord face to face and learns that in the premortal life many “noble and great” spirits were foreordained to their mortal missions.

President Joseph F. Smith learns more about the “noble and great ones” in a vision of the Savior’s visit to the spirit world before His Resurrection (D&C 138:53–57). Whom did President Joseph F. Smith see in his vision of the spirit world? What were these people foreordained to do? 

Links have been added for your convenience, and I'd love your feedback!

Note:  I'd like to ask class members," What might you have been foreordained to do?"  But, I'm worried that might be to personal or need more time for reflection.  I can give them time to think about it and a card to write on, but I wonder if it should be asked...

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  1. I think that the question will get some responses like on your face book post; father, mother, share the gospel, help other people or what is mentioned in patriarchal blessings. Other than that how does one know except the Lord reveals it to them and most of the time He doesn't give that knowledge before we are called to do it. One of the presenters at a seminary teacher conference talked about how Heavenly Father presented his plan and asked who shall I send? The Savior volunteered as did Satan and the Father chose Jesus, but it was a free will offering of the Savior. Then the presenter said might the Father have asked who shall I send in the last days? Who do you think followed the Savior's example and said here am I send me? Who did the Father choose? We've all been chosen to be faithful and bring souls unto the Father through Christ in these last days, build and prepare the kingdom for His second coming. The Lord knows we won't do it with out mistakes but through his Son the mistakes can be covered and his work will still be accomplished. That's my two cents.