Monday, December 8, 2008

OVAC Christmas Concert

This weekend was the Oakley Valley Arts Council (OVAC) Christmas concert. I guess 3 months of driving out to Oakley to practice 12 songs for 2 performances seems like a crazy thing to do, but singing Christmas songs has felt like the perfect way to bring in the Season. We actuallly were able to learn all our music thanks to our fearless leaders (literaly... we needed them to lead the music), Kent Severe and Janna Exon.
Here they are leading away as we practice before the show.

I was able to take some candids of us rehersing before the show. In retrospect I suppose I should have been practing, but why reherse when there are pictures to take?! :)

We sang in the historic Howells Opera House which is over a 100 years old and while some of my family might remember the uncomfortable seats they might also share with you that the building has a beautiful and original tin ceiling and amazing acustics. I got to sing some really beautiful music and made some new friends. Here are some of my fellow altos: Sara, Rebecca in the first picture and in the next picture with Linda backstage.
I suppose you could say that the second act was our intermission where we rested our voices and spent our time watching the other performances on a teeny TV backstage. Good times. :)

Not to brag, but I think we sounded AWESOME especially with the crowd's favorite "Carol of the Bells" and our finale piece "Celtic Advent Carol". The newspaper came and did a spread about it and you can read about it here. In fact, we even got invited to sing the Celtic piece at the Magic Philharmonic Orchestra's Christmas concert on December 23rd so all those that missed the free Christmas concert can still come and watch us perform at their concert for a measley seven dollars for adults (or three dollars for students). I knew you would be relieved. :)

Do I look like a professional singer now or what?! Don't answer that :)


  1. you do look lovely! This sounds like an awesome experience!

  2. I went to a Christmas dinner at the Sullivan Branch and there was a small program afterward. Sitting there listening to my family participating by reading stories made me all scrunklish. While singing with the branch (mostly my family) with Karyn playing the piano and my mom conducting the music, I thought, "Now Christmas is here." It was missing something until that moment singing with my family.

  3. Everything about the concert was beautiful...including you! I'm glad Zealanda and I got to come up to see it. If you promise to sing in the concert every year, I will promise to drive up to see it every year.