Sunday, December 28, 2008


I know what you're thinking! I know my family is random, but that's not what I meant. How rude! :)
Four posts about Christmas is probably excessive, but I thought I'd better do one more blog to include the Chris-Erica-and-Cindy-dancing-like-elves link and the hairstyles-by-Tricia-glamour shots and the three-puzzles-in-one-week picture and the sledding-in-the-street video and making-cupcakes-for-boys-with-a-serious-sweet-tooth and.... You get the idea. Enjoy!
Erica showed us this website through Office Max where you upload pictures and they'll make them dance disco or a barn dance. It's hillarious and she had all ready uploaded pictures of all her fam and even one of Bisley (their labradoodle). Talk about a hoot. Here's a link so you can see Erica, Chris and I busting out a move. :)

Tricia cut and styled Alex's hair this visit so she styled Ian's hair too. Both of them ignored her while she was working product through their hair and fussing with it, but about twenty minutes later Ian scratched his head and realized that something was different. :)
I bought a 1000 piece puzzle for Christmas day. What's a 1000 pieces to pros like us?! You can't really tell since we're on a roll here, but my sore and frozen bottom can attest to the fact that 1000 pieces might have been a bit much. :)
We were thrilled when one of mom and dad's friends gave them a really beautiful blue angel puzzle with only 500 pieces for Christmas. Too bad that blue really was the only color in the puzzle. We had light blue and baby blue (apparently, they're different), bright blue and muted blue, grey blue and cloud blue. It was seriously one of the hardest puzzles ever. So, we were really thrilled with Chris's colorful 1000 piece puzzle she bought for New Years; afterall, what's a 1000 pieces to pros like us?!

We had plenty of snow this Christmas but it was hard to get a day where it was over thirty degrees, so we didn't stay out for long.
Check out these SWEET videos of Tricia as she "forges" a sledding path...

and if you listen carefully you can hear Alex giggle and tell us "again" after his first experience on the hill...

The boys got a cupcake maker for Christmas. It was pink and bakes cupcakes for thirty seconds in the microwave (that can't taste good!) so you can just guess how much the boys dug it and Trevor hated it :). Awww. Christmas!

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