Saturday, December 27, 2008

Alex's camera

I think I've mentioned before how very much Alex loves to take pictures. Remember my visit in November when I went on a walk with them? We made it 100 yards down the street and back and Alex (and a tiny bit Ian) had taken over a hundred pictures. So how excited was Alex when he got a camera from Fisher Price for Christmas?
372-pictures-in-two-days excited:).

Everyone played around with the camera a little since it had some fun features, but I've included only my favorite pictures that Ian and Alex would have taken.

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  1. So dang cute! My five year old nephew got a Camera for Christmas too and now he wants a blog of his own to post his shots on. My 6 year old nephew took my photo on that fancey couch at BYU last week, and it looked a lot better than some of the shots I took. How cool is it that we have such talented nephews?!?!