Thursday, February 26, 2009

45 Percent Rain

Today I grabbed lunch at 5 Buck Pizza. Just a slice of cheese pizza and a soda for $2.60. Nice, right? I like to stop at the 3rd and 7th Ward Building (the Dairy Queen church) because I can park my car where it's sunny to keep warm in the winter...

or in the shade and lower the windows to keep cool in summer.

So, I'm sitting in my car, eating my pizza and jamming to the radio. I'm sure I was quite the sight :). Today's pretty chilly and I got to watch a dark cloud enbankment roll in... then it starts to rain... then hail... then snow.

Then the radio tells me the weather. "Mostly cloudy & becoming breezy. Chance for rain showers 45 percent. Temperature 32 degrees." Wait a second... So this is what 45% looks like? Huh. What can I say but welcome to Idaho!


  1. Was this today?! Cuz it was 68 degrees today and I took the kids out for extra recess and we didn't take our coats. hmmm . . . welcome to Missouri. :)

  2. That storm was quite the surprise. When my kidlets went out to lunch the weather was fine, but when they came in they were weeping and wailing about killer hail. You are right about the Idaho weather...if you don't like it just wait a minute.

  3. That was one crazy storm...I was trying to race it into town...but with 50 mph won!

  4. We were in Utah and Bree told me this storm came out of no where. Cindy you are a cutie. I noticed Tricia is one of your followers. I'm one of her followers even though she doesn't have a post. Tell her we are eagerly waiting. We love all you cute girls.