Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cabin Fever

I think I'm experiencing cabin fever. It was snowing yesterday and I can't take it anymore, so I bought my plane ticket to sunny California. I've been planning for the last year to go visit my friend Liang and I've finally saved enough for the plane ticket and now I only have... let's see... 92 days until vacation. But who's counting :).


  1. This is such a fun countdown idea! I should do that for my last day teaching this monster crazy class! Well I'm jealous of your vacation . . . maybe I will take one too. :)

  2. there's suppose to be a way to put it in as a gadget on the right of the web page, but I haven't figured that out yet :).

  3. Congrats on your trip! I will have to put together a little care-package for you to take to Liang. Counting down to vacations is so much fun! The anticipation is almost as nice as the actual trip.

  4. AWESOME!!!!
    Kirk just said we are going to Mexico for Thanksgiving next year!
    I am thinking he has about had all the winter he can stand too!