Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Introducing SPTs

I was reading a friend of a friend's blog and they do a Self-Portrait Tuesday (SPT) where she picks a theme to explore for the month. Sounds cool, right? Last month was "I Resolve to Take More Self-Portraits". Obviously you can see how far I've come with my SPTs, but I'm going to do better this month... I hope :)

February's theme is "All You Need Is Love". You wouldn't think that would be very hard, but since I don't have a sweetheart then I'll be looking for qualitites I love about my roommate (Chris), my parents, and my neighbor (Tricia). So here we go....

"I Love It When You... "
(Mom) call me at work to ask one thing (will I help with refreshments at tonight's Relief Society board meeting) and transitions into telling me that I should come to her house for dinner since eating out is making me fat and ends the call after twenty minutes with telling me I need to eat more fruit and vegitables. Okay, okay. I may have exagerated a smidgen :), but I love that you care.


  1. aww mothers . . . I love them too. I kinda miss your mom checking up on me too. :( Okay but just a little bit. :D LOL

  2. Aren't mothers great!!! I love your mother, she is so cute.

  3. It is good to see you SPTing!
    It is a fun thing to do.

    Yea...mom's sometimes think they are saying the right things, when maybe they shouldn't say anything at all, but it is ALWAYS done with los of love!

    PS I found a letter Kira sent here for you, that has to be at least a year old!!! I am sooooo sorry!