Monday, March 30, 2009

General Conference Challenge

When I was little sometimes we were visited by the clean room fairy. He would leave us a little poem telling us how proud he was that we kept our room clean and then leave a little treat from my dad's candy box at work. Isn't that sweet?! It made me feel special and it made me feel that someone knew I was trying to be good. Although I've never been very good at writing poetry, I have tried to incorporate the same kind of idea as an adult. A few years ago I was struggling during a particular sleepy conference and I vowed to be better... next time. And I did. Allow me to introduce you to the General Conference Fairy.
She likes to bring healthy snacks and activities to help you during four 2-hour sessions of conference and actually remember what you listened to you. Crazy, I know! My favorite activity was a word search where you couldn't look up the word until one of the speaker said it. It took an entire morning session and I can still remember some of those talks. I've.... er... humm... I mean, she's been doing some research and found a few web sites with some great resources... If you're interested. They're kid oriented, but some of us never grow too old to color or do word searches.

Here are a few links:
by Melanie of (my one-stop shopping packet site)
resources at (for handy apostle booklets)

I came across
this post about a challenge for adults to prepare for General Conference. They say,

Challenge: take your worries and your questions and write them down. As you watch conference, your questions will be answered. ONE BY ONE.
Such a brilliant idea! In fact, I feel a little sheepish that I've never tried it before. So, what are your favorite General Conference activities?

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