Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break... kind of

This is the week of Spring Break for the schools. But, I work for an attorney so I have to go to work... kind of. The Judge took the week off and my boss said that this would be a good time for vacation time if I want it. Helluuu?! I'm always up for a vacation!!

I got off work early on Monday (no computer makes it hard to work) and Mom went with me to Utah where we met Trevor and his family for dinner at the Olive Garden. Little Alex remembered his playschool camera and I totally forgot mine! But I did get pictures later.

Here is Ian reading us a book from school. The video is about three minutes but so sweet as he sounds out words and gets excited when he figures out what's coming next from the pictures :).

Here's a great one of a hyper Bisley (I can't believe how big this "puppy" is!) and Ian playing with her.
I love this picture of Alex playing with the sword. I think I videoed Alex six or seven times waving the sword around before I put my camera away. He sure loves the camera!
Tuesday was my doctors appointments. You want an update? You do!? It's a good thing because here it is :). The surgeon was really happy with the incision since last time I saw him I was struggling with an infection. They took x-rays and the bones in my foot are fully fused and he's happy with my progress so he doesn't need to see me for another year. Yah!

The other doctor was the rheumatologist and he and I talked about my medicine. I have a med called Prednisone that is an anti-inflammatory that is the DEVIL. Stupid side effects. Anywho, before the surgery on my ankle I was taking 7 mg a day. In terms of prednisone that's pretty low, but now I'm down to only 3 mg! And the doctor thinks that I should be able drop it again. So exciting!

Tuesday was a lot of good news, but my favorite part was visiting the Gateway. I got there early so I walked around and was in time for the water show at the Olympic Snowflake. Very pretty!
Plus, I got to meet some Ricks roommates at the Gateway for lunch...

with their cute kids, Charlie...
and Stella (my pictures didn't turn out and her mom has so many great ones anyway)...

and some shopping... Wednesday was my lazy spring break vacation day and I slept in until eleven. Ahhhhh. Then we drove home and met Tricia for lunch. Nice! I needed a slow day before heading back to work and my computer problems.

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  1. Glad that I was able to help you by having so many Stella picture options. Thanks for being such a little planner and getting us all together!