Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Self Portrait Tuesdays: Eight is Great!

I think wrote about my sad computer story. On the 16th (just over two weeks ago), I did an update on my computer and when I restarted my computer it didn’t turn back on. After a trip to the shop, I discovered that the motherboard had expired. Came to an end. Was no more. Popped off. Shuffled off the mortal coil. Kicked the bucket. Went out like a light. Bought the Farm. Pushing up daisies. Gave up the ghost. Ceased to be. Signed up for the big buffet in the sky. Umm… so it died. :)
I did some research and I found three good deals through Costco: one was a smallish sized computer for a smallish price, and another was a medium-ish computer for a medium-ish price, but my personal favorite was a medium-ish computer with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Microsoft for a slightly higher price. I did such a good job pitching it to my boss (combined with a perfectly timed and nicely sized account pay off from one of the clients) that he decided on the whole kit and caboodle. And today it came in the mail!!!
The theme for this month’s Self-Portrait Tuesdays was challenging, but I’m happy to end on a high note. After all,

Eight is great,

but an eighteen-inch monitor is even better.

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  1. Nice tie in! I'm glad your boss is taking such good care of you!