Sunday, April 5, 2009

General Conference Traditions

At my house we get visited by the Conference Fairy and she leaves healthy snacks and activities to do to help you listen to eight hours of Conference. (most people listen to the two sessions on sunday, but the die-hards :) watch the sessions on saturday too). It was great and we had some fun.

There's just something extra special about General Conference morning hair. :)

Another tradition I love is Orange Rolls on Sunday morning that Chris bakes. We all gather in the family room and dish them out there. Dad likes to watch Conference from his Lazy Boy in his office because he has a SWEET set up there with headphones so he can hear, but he comes down and visits with us half way through during the rest hymn to go over the talks with us.

I also love to color. I know it's little kid-ish, but it helps me to be able to listen if I have something to keep my hands busy.

Most of all I loved hearing from the Prophet.

I still miss President Hinckley, but President Monson is a great Prophet and leader and he still tells such wonderful stories. Athough, his talk this time made me cry a little because he shared a couple of sad stories. I think he was trying to remind us that even though times are hard right now we still need to find ways to serve others because if you look around you could be much worse off. Here's the link and President Monson's talk was on the Sunday Morning session; he was the last speaker.

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