Tuesday, June 16, 2009

C is for...

Last week was Relay for Life, so on the bridge in Burley they tied little purple streamers along each side. It got me thinking about the big C word and what Cancer means. I don't think people can say, "Cancer has never touched my life." A few months ago, my cousin, Linda, did a post on cancer where she talked about her niece. Linda has a real way with words in expressing the deepest truest emotions. She said,
[Devree] is a strong spirit and a fighter. She will win, physically or not, she will win because cancer won't take her attitude, her faith, her hope, her family (whom she is sealed to for eternity). And if it can't take your spirit, then what's to fear? How can it ever really win? If it can't change who you are, then it doesn't change anything. Circumstances change, life around us changes, appearances change, but who we are doesn't change. She will always be a noble daughter of God. She had a purpose before she came to earth, she has a purpose here and now, and she will have a purpose when she returns to Him. Perhaps the mission changes, perhaps we change as we grow stronger in character, but who we are cannot be "beaten" by such an earthly, fleating thing as cancer.
Then we got our shirts. It was a little fundraiser sponsored by her school back home. And as I put on my shirt and lined up the family for the picture, I thought of the solidarity. I think Linda is right.

I also think that Devree has shown us that really C is for Courage!


  1. Linda is one wise cookie. I enjoyed reading that, thanks for posting.

  2. That is so great that you were able to participate in the relay. Cancer is a scary thing but having the support of family and friends can really make a difference on the hard days.

  3. Love this post. Cute t-shirts. Your family is so beautiful. What wonderful support. Cute pictures.

  4. Wow. This really wasn't what I was expecting when I read the title. I thought "C" was for cookie. :) But now all I am thinking is "wow". Thanks for the tribute to Devree, Cindy. She really does define courage. And thanks for making me sound so "wise". I am humbled (and fighting the teary emotion in my chest) to read what I wrote so many weeks ago and know that it also affected other people. You all look great in your Team Devree shirts, and I feel the strength and courage of our family as we all put on our shirts physically and remember our spiritual unity as we fight cancer together. We may be spread across the country, but we are inexplicably united.
    I sure do love you! Thanks!!!