Monday, June 29, 2009

Scrapbooking and other stuff weekend

Lisa and Erica came to Burley to scrapbook this weekend. I was really pretty excited but I also figured it we wouldn't be doing that much scrapping since they had to bring their families... all boys. Erica brought Trevor and their two boys and Lisa brought her husband and their one boy. There's not a lot of scrapbooking with boys around, for some reason :). Instead we scrapbooked a little and made some cards at Chris's house while the kids watched Max and Ruby, Trevor went fishing, Shane played three rounds of golf, the kids jumped on the trampoline for hours, Tricia cut and colored Lisa's and Erica's hair (and a bunch of other people), we went swimming, the aunts and the kids danced to big band music, Dad made fresh strawberry (from the garden) shakes, I played on facebook with Tricia and Lisa while they were sitting next to me :), and Grandma and Josh and I roasted marshmallows at Chris's house.

It was a weekend full of plans that we didn't do and activities that we hadn't planned. Weird, but it was a blast :).


  1. I like that "a weekend full of plans we didn't do and activities we hadn't planned" bit. Sometimes those are the most enjoyable and memorable weekends. Sounds like this one definitely was enjoyable.

  2. Looks like tons of fun! I'm glad that I just got back from lap swimming becuase those pictures of the clear, cool water really could have been painful for me otherwise. I am looking forward to visiting various members of my family over the next week and a half, and you have given me some fun ideas for activities. Thanks!

  3. What a fun weekend! Your Dad is so cute fixing shakes for everyone. He is adorable!!! I wish I was part of your family when I see him and your Mom. You guys would be awesome sisters too.
    Love you sweet Cindy.