Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fair Week memoirs: an ode to fair food

Whew! Fair week is crazy! Wednesday especially: we had the Cassia County parade and it passes right in front of the office. The realtors moved out every office chair in the building to mark our spot in front of the building so that way fifteen minutes before the parade we could turn on the answering machine and go watch the parade. It's nice because our families join us and it's like a big company picnic where people bring us candy :). And boy!, they had a lot of candy this year. One guy I knew in the parade came up to me and dropped a handful of candy right into my hands, and I didn't have to get up and race the little kids for it either!
Then later Henry (one of the realtors) brought me back a maple bar from the Fair. I love fair food! It's like that song from Charlotte's Web that Templeton the rat sings, "A Veritable Smorgasbord" about all the kinds of things you can find to eat at a fair! But, my favorite is the maple bars when they're still warm. Yum! After I got done with work, I went to the Fair to work at the Fair Booth. Our stake has a booth that sells food and the proceeds go to the youth groups and help pay for girls’ camp and scout camp. This year Mom and Dad were asked to arrange the volunteers for the day our ward serves food. They didn't quite get all the volunteers they thought they needed, so I told them I could come just for two hours. I figured if they could work from 9 am to 11 pm then I could help out for a few hours. I really gave my new ankle a work out and it didn't let me down although my old foot was stiff the next day. Still, on the way home I stopped for some cotton candy and that's my second most favorite part of the fair, so I managed to do all my favorites in one day: Parade, candy, maple bars, and cotton candy!

Thursday I went back for lunch with Henry (a realtor… who’s about 70 years old so don't get any ideas) and I had a West Stake Special (the specialty burger at our booth with fried onions and ham) and corn on the cob at the Lions club (they actually DIP it in a vat of butter!). Then on Friday I went back for dinner with Tricia to go through the 4H Arts and Crafts building and the Art building. Really, where else will you find prized sugar beets?!

Then we had dinner. The key to eating Fair food is having someone that will split it with you. So we split a funnel cake, a snow cone, a fresh lemonade, hand dipped corn dogs (we EACH had one of those), a gyro, AND a scone with honey butter. We were going to try for a maple bar too but after thirty minutes in a line and only moving ten feet, we decided we were “full” :).

You gotta love the Cassia County Fair!


  1. I WANT that maple bar! You are a tease to post such a picture. I have never had a warm maple bar!

  2. yummy post. LOL I love fair food, but it's just not fair what it does to your hips. :) I know, I know, I am such a punny girl.