Monday, August 31, 2009

One Man's Junk…

Today’s word of the day is idiomatic expression… okay, technically that’s two words, but they’ve been going through my mind all weekend. Especially that one that goes “One man's junk is going to make me a lot of money.” That may not be exactly the way the saying goes, but you gotta love a garage sale!

Mom had some boxes of mine from college and of things that I didn't take with me when I moved a couple of years ago. It was oddly emotional going through my things that I had collected thinking they would prepare me for life. Funny how different life changes. Not worse, just different. There were lots of things that I was able to purge although it did cost a tear or two. I donated clothes that were too small and most of my Christmas decorations and a few items left over from my Pampered Chef days. And, I probably didn’t need any of my old stuffed animals anymore, but I did keep just one. It’s a teddy bear angel in pretty white dress... how do you say goodbye to something at cute as that?!

The random things that people put out to sell never cease to amaze me. In the case of this weekend, that junk is all mine, and Tricia’s, and Chris’s, and Mom’s, and even a little of Dad’s.

It was after working the second day I was reminded to be careful, and “Don't count your chickens before they hatch.” And for patience during the lulls, that “All good things come to those who wait.” But, especially helpful to a garage salesman is that “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” And my all time favorite, “One man's junk made me a lot of money!” Well, I’m pretty sure there’s still something ‘off’ about that last one, but it also has a certain ring of truth to it!


  1. Shame to tell the story, but then not divulge how much you made. I am going to become increasingly interested.

  2. well, the day I worked I only made $2.25, so I was really there to help others add money to their coffers. Second day was pretty slim pickin's but I think the total for the two days for the five of us was over $600! Tricia did the best with Dad in a close second place (he sold a few saws). Then Chris, me, and Mom. Poor Mom came in last. All that work, but she was still pretty thrilled to get her house dejunked and that's a gift all in itself :).

  3. It does feel really nice to dejunk every now and then. And it is always nice to take some time to reflect back on the memories. It is those memories that are worth keeping.

  4. We are going to try and have one Saturday. I like the idea of hanging the cloths on the tramp. That is a super idea!