Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Saturday Indulgences

Don't you just love pampering yourself?! Maybe you read a good book with a tasty snack at hand. Maybe you go on adventures with awesome nephews and nieces. Maybe you sleep snuggled in bed 'til noon on your day off. Okay, so I do all of those things too, but I recently indulged in a fabulous haircut by Tricia. There's something about the relaxing massage when she washes my hair and the feeling of lightness after I've got all that length trimmed off that just makes me feel like a new woman. Thanks Trish!!!


  1. You look beautiful, as always! But you just reminded me that I need to find time to have Tricia make me presentable before she heads back up to school.

    Hey... we still need to put a temple trip together with the Barkers, Hobsons, and Jones. Any suggestions for a date or time?

  2. I always love your hair cuts and Tricia's. You look so pretty! Tricia is so talented.

  3. You are darling! I loved your spelling out "Mackley" with fun adjectives. Where was the reunion held? Looks like a great place. I need to figure out how to"sign in." For now I just enter through Sayda's blog.
    Love, Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen - Argentina