Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family Christmas Party

We had our family Christmas party on the 19th. This year was particularly difficult to schedule, so they planned it (while I was taking a nap) for Sunday at 4:30 pm. That means after the Burley Browns take care of Primary (Mom and Dad), Young Women (Chris), and Gospel Essentials Sunday school (Cindy), we drove down to Utah. Chris is now on Christmas break and Mom and Dad are retired so it works fine for them, but I had to ask off work on Monday. It worked out okay though. I scheduled the days with my boss and because the Courts are observing Christmas and New Years on Fridays and Doug is giving me off the 27th for Christmas, I only work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for the next two weeks! Nice!

For the program, Tricia organized the niece and nephews to do a skit of Jazzercise. She dressed them up in 70s workout clothes and it was hilarious! I’d love to post pictures, but I’ve been, understandingly, asked by the teenagers to not include them online. However if you want to come to my house and look at my scrapbook... well, then, that would be different, wouldn’t it?! Dad and Mom sang Dad’s lyrics to his version of “Angels We Have Heard on High.” Brad’s family sang a beautiful song with four-part harmony. And, then we ended with Dad reading the Luke 2 and singing carols. One of our traditions is to sing the Primary song, “I Wonder When He Comes Again.” It has special significance to our family, but we especially love to sing it at Christmas time because it’s great to remember His birth and his 2nd coming.

Later we got to open presents from our gift exchange. I got Trevor and his family books this year and a little reading time snack (a chocolate bar, Hot Tamales, Milk Duds, and M&Ms). Tricia gave me an electric blanket, and I love it! It’s great to climb into a warm bed at night and my icy toes hardly ever keep me awake. It was especially fun to watch the grandkids open their presents. I love kids at Christmas!

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