Friday, December 3, 2010

A Visit to the Browns

This weekend I went down for a doctor's appointment and decided to spend some time with my cousins.  The adventure started off with seven year old David's first competitive gymnastics meet. I thought it was fascinating since I hadn't ever attended one before. 

Later we got to go out to dinner with all the Browns since it is Hailey's and Uncle Earl's birthday this week.  This morning Hailey woke me up, "What do you say to me?"  "Ummmm. Happy Birthday?" "That's right!" :) At the party she showed me her many faces: tired, angry, happy, and sad.

It was great to see everyone and catch up. I also took the opportunity to get to photos of all the fam. (Sorry if some of the pics are sideways. They won't upload the right direction... weird.)

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