Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let Your Light So Shine...

So here’s some news. The Church had a worldwide leadership training last month and made a few updates. They revised the different organizations’ handbooks. Mostly, it's just procedural type things like they won't have both Correlation meetings for the heads of each auxiliary as well as Welfare meetings for just Priesthood and Relief Society leaders anymore. They'll combine them. Not really a big deal but it does simplify things a bit.

The other change is that they're not going to use Ward Activities Committees anymore. We'll still have ward activities, but now it will be planned by each of the different organizations. For example, Primary could organize the Summer Party, the Youth organizations could do the Harvest Dinner, and the Relief Society could take care of the Christmas Party. It's up to the Bishop and what he thinks is best for the ward. He could rotate activities or keep the assignments the same every year. Really, I think it makes a great deal more sense. For example, this fall the Young Men and Young Women invited the widows/widowers and singles for a harvest dinner, the Relief Society had a harvest dinner for the women, and the Ward Activities Committee hosted a ward party and dinner. It's just a bit excessive. And trying to schedule? Craziness! This should help streamline things, don't you think? The brilliance of it is that we get more people involved with each activity because each organization will pull from a different group of people for helpers and workers and volunteers!

So I figured I’d do a spotlight on my Ward Activities Committee’s last activity. It was beautiful! I am so thankful for the creativity and generosity of the committee members! We did a talent show with some delicious refreshments. We wanted to center it on the scripture in Matthew 5:16, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

We thought it would be great to involve different organizations, families, and friends by sharing a talent and provide tables for displays. Our Advertise Team got the word out in the ward. They had a sign up for those that wished to participate in the talent show as well as supplied flyers and reminder calls. Our Beautify Team decorated the cultural hall with lights and stars. They displayed on the stage and Christmas tree stars the Primary children made, “I can let me light shine by…”. They were very sweet. Our Chow Team provided cheesecake with Danish Delight (raspberry topping), sugar cookies, thumbprint cookies, candy canes, and ginger ale with orange slices (yum!!). It was a wonderful night and it was marvelous to see so many ward members participate :). Merry Christmas!!

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