Tuesday, March 29, 2011

General Conference Links

Hello, friends! Just a friendly reminder that General Conference is THIS weekend. Below are a few links I used to make up our booklets delivered by our General Conference fairy :). Enjoy!


I was reading on the Sugardoodle page about all these wonderful ideas to prepare for General Conference. One person talked about learning about the different apostles and doing things they liked for family home evening (like baking or football or music or painting). Another lady wrote that they do "conference candy" by putting out a candy dish and each session and when you hear a preselected word (ie: Book of Mormon, missionary work, prayer, etc) you can help yourself to a piece of candy. Several shared that they like to have a pot luck lunch between sessions with another family or with several families. Several shared that they put up a tent to come and listen to the prophet (at the Nephites did for King Benjamin).

I'm wondering what YOU do to prepare for conference? I'd love if you'd leave a comment and an idea:
  • What do you do to prepare yourself or your families for General Conference?
  • What traditions do you have centered around conference?
  • What do you do to make it a special or memorable experience?
Don't forget to leave a comment and I'll be sure to include all your ideas for my next post in October!!!

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  1. *We fast the Sunday before. Sometimes our Stake does Fast Sunday after conference, but we always fast before.
    *We also attend the first session (on Saturday) at the church. It really helps us remember we are listening to a prophet and how important that is and how we should act with proper respect and reverence during all sessions.
    *And we color. I try to have conference packet pages for the girls to color, but sometimes we color in coloring books. It helps us focus.
    *I keep the Ensign photos of the general authorities handy (from past conferences) and challenge the girls to say who the apostle is without looking at the name on the screen.
    *We paraphrase the talk right after we hear it to get "the moral" of the story in our brain.
    *We check Cindy's blog to steal as many conference ideas as we can.
    My kids are at a fun age for conference.