Monday, March 21, 2011

A Tour of Rexburg

I hope you had a great weekend; I know I did :). Tricia texted me on Wednesday and asked if I wanted to come visit to go to Guitars Unplugged. I went to visit her two years ago and we went and had a blast, so I guess it's just natural for her to think of Guitars Unplugged and having a blast and then think of me :). On Friday, I totally rocked the Modification of Deed and Promissory Note I was writing at work, so I was able to get off early. I got gas, cash, dinner, and some new tunes and hit the road by 4:30. When I got to Rexburg, I called Tricia to talk me through how to find her apartment. She told me where to turn and where to go straight and then she said she was wearing a green shirt and asked if I could see her. She hopped into my car and gave me a twisty turn tour through her apartment complex. It's some beautiful new housing and still smells like new carpet! Apparently, I'm easy to please especially after my house hunting in Boise :). The best joke of the weekend was when we went to dinner. We were visiting with her roommate and a friend about places we should go to eat and I swear they suggested Virginal Tai. Didn't make sense to me, but I thought Tai sounded good, so we went there. I had a good laugh when I learned the name is actually Original Tai. I had the Drunken Noodles which the menu described as "intoxicated with Tai flavors." They were tasty, but by far the best were the Spring Rolls. Yummy in my tummy!

Saturday, we went to campus and picked up our tickets for Guitars Unplugged, visited the art exhibit in the Spori, and toured the new BYU Idaho Center. Tricia said some people call it the BYUIC (sounds like Buick) and some call it the I Center, but whatever you call it, it's HUGE. It's like a mini Conference Center where ALL the student body can attend devotionals on Tuesday. It has some really great art, which is what Tricia wanted to show me. Since we just went to the Carl Bloch exhibit in Provo she showed me some of the Bloch prints they have there and this wonderful collection of paintings of scenes from the Book of Mormon. I'll have to find out the name of the lady that did them because they were so cool! I loved the art exhibit at the Spori. They were displaying classical style paintings and I found one I really liked so I took a picture with my phone. I hope it turns out.   I like all the different styles and colors of stone and I thought this courtyard looked peaceful. 

When we were walking around on campus it started to hail. They were tiny but they got stuck in Tricia's braids and got in our pockets and somehow down my shirt. I felt like Rexburg was welcoming me back with open arms :). Later, we went to lunch at Sammy's. I think it's my new favorite place. It's a diner like atmosphere with burgers and shakes but they play cool music, and Tricia said at night they have live bands come and play. We got the peach cobbler shake and sweet potato french fries.

That night for Guitars Unplugged we went to the Hart. It has bleachers, which is what we sat in, or you could bring a blanket and sit on the basketball court. They had some really great groups. My favorite was a girl that sang a song she wrote herself called. Basically, it's about her dad's beat up green truck and how when guys came and picked her up for a date, then he made them take his truck and when they brought his daughter home in one piece he'd give them back the keys to their car. That's the idea anyway, but it was written really clever. Like, the first boyfriend showed up in shiny red Camerro. The next boyfriend got the same story but he drove a black T-bird. The only problem with original music at a concert is that I can't sing along and if I liked the song then where can I download it?!

Sunday, I had my Sunday School lesson to teach, and I promised a friend that I would substitute for her in Relief Society. So, I got up in the morning and drove home... in my pajamas :). It made for a long day, but as I was getting ready for bed, I couldn't help thinking about how great it was to spend time with Tricia at her home, visiting campus again, and exploring Rexburg. Lots of fun! Thanks, Tricia :).

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  1. Wow. The Rexburg scene sure has changed since I was up there. I have visited the Sammys in Provo so I am a bit jealous that you got to partake in their fries and shakes. I am also jealous that you and Tricia got to have such a fun girls weekend.