Saturday, July 2, 2011

When I Am 8...

Saturday, July 2nd, Ian was baptized by his dad. During the talks, they sat in the first row dressed in white with Trevor's arm around Ian.  Sometimes I wish I was an artist so I could capture my mind pictures forever.  I couldn't help reflect through the rest of the program on that special moment. Dads care for, protect and lead their children, and in turn, children love and follow their dads whether they are our earthly or our Heavenly Father.  I think our little Ian is such a special soul.  When Ian was being confirmed a member of the Church, I loved seeing him fold his arms so reverently and scrunch his eyes so intently.  I think Josh described the day best when he posted on Facebook, "My little cousin got the holly gost to day."


Later we met at Boston's for dinner with our little group of 22 people.  We has several people try to take pictures that would encompass the whole group.  Here are my favorites from the night: 

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