Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jury Duty

YESTERDAY, I got a text message from Chris letting me know she found a Jury Summons in the very, very back of the mailbox for a trial for TODAY.  Sure am glad she checks the mail better than I do!  So, I arranged for the morning off at work and showed up bright and early at the courthouse this morning. Parking was something of a nightmare, but I got checked in and had a seat on my very hard wooden chair. Honestly, I was a little conflicted.  I work at a law firm, so it COULD be kind of interesting to see a different perspective of the legal system and to observe a trial.  I'd even get paid for it! Ten dollars a day! :)  On the other hand, sitting through a criminal case and missing the next three days of work WOULD be as hard as my wooden chair. 

We watched the orientation video. Fascinating stuff (...not!).  We rise for the Judge and do roll call.  Just as the Judge was beginning to welcome us and explain our responsibilities, the defense attorney requests private council. So, they leave and come back ten minutes later. We rise for the Judge, and he announces the defendant has decided to plead guilty and dismisses us.  sigh.  Like he couldn't have decided that yesterday?! 

On the bright side, I get out of my inner conflict, out of my hard chair, and now I'm richer by Five Dollars and all in the name of civic duty!

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