Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something... Sweet

This Friday, I got to go babysit the little family that we sit with at church. They let me come babysit at their house about once a month when Bishop and Marcie go to the temple together.  I usually take over a snack (popcorn or whoppers or something), a couple of cartoon movies to pick from to watch, some activity pages and color pages, and a little preschool craft (this time I brought some patterned paper scraps, which  we could cut into four hearts and a stem to make a four leaf clover... real simple stuff). They go to bed about 7:30 p.m. so that doesn't give me a lot of time to fit it all in.  It's more of my bag of tricks to keep them busy before bedtime, and so that I'm the FUN babysitter :).  One of the games we played tonight was "Something".  It's similar to "I Spy" but instead we take pictures of Something: Something Soft, Something Silky, Something Shiny, Something Silly, Something Small, Something Smooth, Something Special, etc.  I like the alliteration, but we also took pictures of Something Pink and Something Pretty (hellluuu? Three girls!).  I thought I'd share a few of their best shots.  All in all I thought tonight was altogether Something... Sweet.


  1. Will you come and babysit me?

  2. Oh, they are very talented photographers. And that is some clever babysitting! I am impressed.