Friday, July 10, 2009

All about Josh

My nephew, Joshua, got to come and visit Burley for TWO weeks and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get a current picture of him. For some reason, eleven year old boys don't really want their picture taken. I have a couple of nice pictures, but he doesn't exactly look thrilled.

See what I mean? Even when I know that he had so, so much fun. I figured I could share a little about Josh and still use a couple of the pictures that "show" some of his personality.

Introducing Josh's...

(I couldn't resist!)
(he went swimming every day)
(and the sunburn--the result of swimming everyday)
(his crazy eyed look--creepy!)
(look at those cute button noses!)
(he called this his sitting tree... because he liked to climb it)
(playing games with the aunts)
It was great having Josh visit! We got to go to the movies and see Up and go to Rupert's Fourth of July play, Dress Rehearsal, and visit Shoshone Falls and go swimming and light fireworks. Camping was especially a lot of fun where we played card games and had fun actitivies (like Ninja and the Fun Box) and we went exploring and hiking. Josh even got to make some new friends and jump on the trampoline and play video games and roast marshmallows. All in all it was all about Josh. And I wouldn't have it any other way :).
Love you!


  1. I love all those pictures that you took! Is that in Lake Cleavland? It looks so pretty up there.
    I think you feel the same way about that little nephew of yours as our kids feel about Richie's kids. Cute kid! I bet you had tons of fun with him. That is such a fun age.

  2. What a lucky kid! It looks like you showed him a great time, but I have found that any time spent with your family is time very wel spent, no matter what actvities are on the agenda.