Friday, July 17, 2009

Mackley Family Reunion: best reunion ever!

Camping with Josh last week was fun and camping at reunion was even more fun!

We discovered that when you shine a flashlight onto Tricia's toes and fingernails, her glow in the dark nail polish is really bright. She even did a little dance Napoleon Dynamite style :). I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe and then she'd add another move and we would be giggling all over again. Later she went and haunted our parents'/old persons' room. They didn't get it, of course, and that only made us laugh all the harder. sigh. good times.

Chris has said that she loves reunion because its the one place that she feels that she is totally accepted by everyone for simply who she is. It's a great feeling and that's probably why most of my closest friends are cousins. We do this thing at our reunions where every group (or family) takes a meal and is charge of setting up, serving, and cleaning up. What I loved is that at any given time you could go to the kitchen and there were cousins chipping in to help because we just wanted to be together even if it meant working :).

Oh and the food! I don't know what it is about family that we are always eating when we get together. There are the meals, of course, and Grandpa Mackley's treat box (every family brings candy or a treat to share), and the treats that we kept in our cabin, and the evening snacks. One night they provided peanut M&Ms or mixed nuts (for the diabetics which is Mom and all her brother and sisters). Another night they fixed root beer floats. I think Alex had three :). My favorite snack was when they brought out jumbo boxes of twinkies. We had quite a few jokes about running to get a twinkie. It seems kind of like a oxymoron :).

Tricia had her laptop with her, so someone had the brilliant idea to load our memory cards from our cameras onto her laptop and we would burn everyone a disk. In case your wondering, Tricia's pictures + Mom's pictures + Angela's pictures + Cindy's pictures + Lisa's pictures = over 600 pictures. How can I possibly choose a handful to share in this blog? I can't, so I'll post them all. Just kidding! :) I've selected just seven of them that highlight what it means to be a Mackley.

TO BE A...

Mackley Means



Kind Kousins

Laughter, Love & Loyalty

Eternal families, and

Yummy food

See you all again in 2 years!
Can't wait :)

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