Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mackley Family Reunion: the opening act

One great memory from Reunion was on Sunday when the Burley Browns, the Layton/ Syracuse Browns and the Mackleys met Brad's family in a park for a picnic. That means we had ALL six of my brothers and sisters together! That hardly ever happens. We can usually get three or four together, but to have all the brothers and sisters and their spouses and all the grandkids is pretty unique. I think the last time was for our family picture in 2007. We made sure to get a new picture of all the grandkids because they grow up and change so fast. We also got a picture of my brothers and sisters in all our ... umm ... adulthood-ness. So serious... or at least as serious as we can get when we're all together :). Here, I'll show you...

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  1. What a good looking family! I'm glad that your reunion was so much fun.

    In unrelated news, we really need to plan a temple trip. I think I am in Utah chasing niblets next Tues, Wed, Thurs, but other than that my schedule is wide open.