Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mackley Family Reunion: the family

Mom went around and took pictures of all the families that were at reunion. It was such an awesome compilation of photos I figured it deserved its own blog entry.

Lawana and Ted Hamblin family:

Paula and Skyla Rice (not pictured: Kaylun, Kolten, Teara and Locey)-

Todd, Noble, Shay and Dane Hamblin (not pictured: Shana and Devree)-

Jan and Delbert Brown family:

Lisa and Joshua Salmon (not pictured: Shane)-

Trevor (and Bisley), Erica, Ian and Alex Brown-

Cindy, Tricia, and Chris Brown-

Bill and Kathy Mackley family:

Angela and Jacob (not pictured: Jeff)-

Irene and Jay Lawson Family:

Jamie, Theron, Brandon and Michelle Quist-

Sonya, Scott, Mitchell, and Ashley Poole-

Sophia, Scotty, Tara, Jared, and Ian Ford
(not pictured: Kudi)-

Mary and Earl Brown Family:

Scott, Jill, Melynne, David and Noah Brown-

Alisha, Maile, Olivia, Tyson and Haley Jerauld (not pictured: Chip)-

Tamara and LaMar Didas-

Wendy and Shane Sayersdahl-

Amanda, Jeremy, Jayden and Ava Nielson-

Katie. Jared and Madilyn Haymore-


  1. That is so neat how all of your brothers and sisters were at the same place. I know how hard it is to get all my kids in the same place. I bet your mom and dad were so glad to see all there kids and grandchildren together. You all look wonderful.

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