Monday, July 18, 2011


Monday was "check out" at Dr. Stock's cabin. Dr. Stock doesn't charge to borrow his cabin, but Dad did a few repairs that Dr. Stock had requested, and then we cleaned up so it would look better than when we started. I snuck out a little early and went with Linda and her family to Upper and Lower Mesa Falls. It had a rainbow and was so pretty! They have an awesome overlook and you can get up close and personal at Upper Falls. I got a real pretty picture of Linda and her family in front of the falls. Lower Mesa Falls overlook is much further away and not as exciting if it hadn't been for Kaylun. Kaylun is about 22 or 23 and is training be a Navy SEAL and will start BUD/S in August. Anyway, he decides he wants to do an open plank (I guess it's kind of a yoga move) on the edge of the overlook in front of Lower Mesa Falls. It makes my heart beat fast just thinking about it! Crazy kid! :) 

Later, we met the welcoming party at Johnny Sack's cabin. We met several of my cousins coming in from California, Nevada, and Utah. My family went last year when we did our Brownie Reunion (AKA the Research Trip), so I may have talked about it before. But FYI, Johnny Sacks built his cabin in 1929 next to Big Springs. It took him 3 years to build, and it is gorgeous! It's seriously cool when you walk around looking at all the beautiful woodworking that he essentially did with hand tools. Plus, he was a real character I guess. He was only 4'11" and he said he never married because a woman would just put rugs on his floors and draperies over the picture windows :).

Big Springs is spring water that comes up from an underground aquifer that feeds the Snake River and Henry's Fork. They had a pretty bridge that you could feed fish. The fish were feeling pretty shy, so they'd hang out in the shadow of the bridge under the bridge. Linda told me that five year old Daila couldn't get enough of it. She'd take half a worm from Uncle Bill and drop it between the bridge's planks. It would try to squirm back up and her pudgy finger pushed it back down... to its death... eww... I'm glad she has Uncle Bill to share that with. :) I took an Aunt Cindy walk with Anna down by the river and walked my feet off (opps!) and got pictures of the river, the flowers, and a few self-portraits. That afternoon we checked into our cabins at Enchanted Forrest, served dinner (an Idaho potato bar), and visited and visited and visited with all our Mackley cousins.

Photography by Anna
Photography by Anna
Photography by Anna


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