Sunday, July 17, 2011


We got up early Sunday and went to church. Their church house looks like a stake center with a chapel, a cultural hall, classrooms, etc, and then they have an annex for overflow that they broadcast Sacrament meeting into. We went early but seats filled up quickly. It took a while to pass the sacrament and then they announced that there were 1,100 people there that day! With so many LDS people in the area it helps explain why the play last night could get away with writing in so many LDS jokes about primary or sunbeams or missionaries and the audience would get it. After church we had a late brunch and decided we'd take a drive through Yellowstone. Trying to get 20 people into as few cars as possible and arrange walkie talkies took as an hour, but then we were off and headed to Old Faithful! 

Our first stop was on the side of the road when we spotted some cow elk.  Yellowstone is so green and beautiful!  It truly is a fascinating place. Then we went to a place called the Fountain Paint Pot. I loved that place because they had hot pools that have the most beautiful colors from the minerals in the water, mud pots with their funny boiling mud, and a great geyser that doesn't go as high as Old Faithful, but then I don't have to wait an hour either :). I gave my camera to ten year old Janae to take any pictures that she wanted. Linda told me later that she thought it was nice that I took her on an Aunt Cindy walk, and I had to laugh because I didn't even realize I'd done it :). Next we went to Old Faithful which the kids loved and the gift shop and ice-cream which I loved. Our car decided that we were tired and would go back to Dr. Stock's cabin and come back another day, but the other two cars went on and finished the loop. When we got back to the cabin, Mom had cooked hamburgers and we had a very relaxing evening.
Photography by Janae Voelkel
Photography by Janae Voelkel
Photography by Janae Voelkel
Photography by Janae Voelkel


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